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Quite some people as me does the .ws domain exist ? This is mainly because so happen the whole domain is my name :-) it's not a normal .com or .net, but .ws

well ya, it exist and below are some info on it

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It has been marketed — and achieved a degree of popularity — as an alternative to the more "crowded" generic top-level domains, where the selection of unregistered domain names is much more limited. In this context, .ws is suggested to stand for "web site", "world site" or "web service"; the original intent was to abbreviate "Western Samoa", the nation's official name when two-letter country codes were standardized in the 1970s. There are no geographic restrictions on registration of .ws domains.

2nd level domains: 3 TLDs for domain registration to the general public: .WS, .COM.WS and .NET.WS. WS also offers 3 restricted TLDs: .ORG.WS, .GOV.WS and .EDU.WS.

One limitation of .ws is that existing domains registered in this TLD are not portable; they cannot be moved from one registrar to another.[1] The use of wildcard DNS records to serve advertising on all unregistered and newly-registered .ws domains is also an issue.