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Baby Photoshoot - Priscilla

Had a photoshoot with Seline's baby Priscilla. First time using Canon 7D + 580EX II wireless flash. When ppl figuring how wireless flash and bz preparing their 7D tutorial, i already used it in production. haahah. Here's the photos.





Email me (feedback [at] ) if anyone is interested to have their baby photo taken :) 

Photoshoot with Min Hui

My wife is complaining that I did not take much of Min Hui's photos. Here's some of the latest

Getting ready

#2 - say cheese !
Say Cheese !

#3 - Deep thought
Deep thought

#4 - whose your daddy?
Whose your daddy ?

#5 - don't care what you are doing, i'm gonna try to chew this

#6 - the setup - DIY softbox 2"x 2.5" @ 1/2 power, mounted on tripod