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DCIM & Canon EOS Buddy Club

Was very happy to be selected as one of Canon EOS Buddy Club member. The top 20 selected members were given a booth at the DCIM Show 2010 held at Midvalley Convention Hall to display their work. Was very busy preparing all the prints to be displayed and also slides for my talk.

Anyway, today wake up at 9am, get ready and quickly go to Midvalley. Arrived sharp-sharp at 10am with abit jam. Only manage to get into the Hall at 10.30am because the security deny our access without passes. Then start 'decorating' my kiosk until 12pm. Here's a photo of my kiosk

Thanks Qian Wei for taking the below photo for me.

Saw quite a number of people and some old friends too, Johnny, zzloo, jerleon, pengster, Edward, Ruey, Wals, Sum Zi Tian, Ianho, Jeff Woo, Raynor, Wilfred and alot more, sorry if i miss you out.

So if you happen to drop by Midvalley, do come to my booth. Below is the location of my booth.

I'm really tired after a whole day. Good night ! Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Photoshoot with Rae

It was a rush one. I reached the place at 3pm, at that time Meng Suan was about to leave already. They already finished couple of sessions. Luckily the shoot turn out to be good. Here's the outdoor photos. Thanks Matt for the invite.





More to come later

Back from HK

I was at Hong Kong last week. Was told by my colleague who just came back that it's 13-16c deg there. Well my wife thought it wasn't that cold, but I brought along 3 winter clothing. It hit's HK record low 10c on 9th Jan 09. My god, I can't imagine single digit. Basically, we shop, and shop and shop all the way :) Below are some photos

#1 - On the way there, sunrise
sun rise

#2 - Lobby of Metropark Causeway Bay. It's the first time we are staying at HK Island, I have stayed near Mongkok area for the last 2 trips
Lobby of Metropark Causeway Bay

#3 - Central, on my way to Stanley Street

#4 - The busy street of HK
City in Motion

#5 - Nice flower at Big Buddha
Flowers @ Big buddha