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Quite some people as me does the .ws domain exist ? This is mainly because so happen the whole domain is my name :-) it's not a normal .com or .net, but .ws

well ya, it exist and below are some info on it

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It has been marketed — and achieved a degree of popularity — as an alternative to the more "crowded" generic top-level domains, where the selection of unregistered domain names is much more limited. In this context, .ws is suggested to stand for "web site", "world site" or "web service"; the original intent was to abbreviate "Western Samoa", the nation's official name when two-letter country codes were standardized in the 1970s. There are no geographic restrictions on registration of .ws domains.

2nd level domains: 3 TLDs for domain registration to the general public: .WS, .COM.WS and .NET.WS. WS also offers 3 restricted TLDs: .ORG.WS, .GOV.WS and .EDU.WS.

One limitation of .ws is that existing domains registered in this TLD are not portable; they cannot be moved from one registrar to another.[1] The use of wildcard DNS records to serve advertising on all unregistered and newly-registered .ws domains is also an issue.



I think I saw this ad in Malaysia too.

All time favourite ads.

 I found that Thailand has some of the creative ads. They dare to do it and think out of box.

Verizon sued for GPL naughtiness

The Software Freedom Law Center is suing Verizon for breaching the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Verizon uses a network utility called busybox in a router it has distributed to its broadband customers since 1999. The program is used to administer the router, which is made by ActionTec. However, Busybox is GPL software, and under the terms of the (2.0) license, the distributor is obliged to provide access to the source code under the terms of the copyright agreement. The SFLC is therefore able to sue Verizon on behalf of the busybox developers for copyright violation.

"Because Verizon chose not to respond to our concerns, we had no choice but to file a lawsuit to ensure that they comply with the GPL," said SFLC legal director Dan Ravicher in a prepared statement.

Verizon has yet to issue a statement.

It's the fourth lawsuit filed on behalf of the two BusyBox developers. An earlier lawsuit filed against speaker company Monsoon, became the first test of the GPL in a US Court. The dispute was settled ( out of court in October.

Verizon, with close to $90bn of revenues this year, is a far bigger target for the small law centre that defends the GPL.

One of the key aims when devising GPL 3 was to ensure device manufacturers don't grab the work of software libre developers for free, without paying attention to the principles behind it.

You can grab a pdf of the lawsuit here ( ®

Source: The Register (

p/s: you think open source is free and you agree to the GPL without reading it (well who reads it anyway). Make sure you read what's inside the GPL. Some of my friends can't seems to understand that by agreeing to the GPL and supporting open source, you have to surrender your source code if anyone ask for it.

My new blog

Finally got the blog engine I am looking for with the below features

  1. runs on .Net (i suppose i can customise it if i want to)
  2. Date is editable (my previous blog at doesn't allow me to do this)
  3. XML based db (no need of MySQL, Access or MSSQL)
  4. Friendly UI
  5. Photo and file Upload
  6. Theme (8 predefined themes)
  7. Easy to install and configure
  8. Comment moderation
  9. Rating
  10. Tagging
  11. full CSS
  12. search (although post only, but it's still better than nothing)


This blog engine is great ! you can get it here

Shrink MS SQL 2000 DB Log

(taken from my previous blog)

I was trying to reduce the size of the log in the db for MS SQL 2000 recently. Tried shrinking via sql manager but to no avail. Google around and finally found it.

use <db_name> backup log <db_name> with truncate_only
dbcc shrinkfile (<db_name>_log, truncateonly)

transaction Log is down to 1MB after executing the above SQL statement in SQL Query Analyzer