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Filter Shootout, Hoya HD vs Hoya Pro1D vs Hoya HMC vs B+W (Alloy) + No Filter

My friend hang over at my place recently, and was interested to know if filter makes a difference. He couldn't believe his eyes.

all shots using Canon 40D + Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS L

Final result by rank
1) Hoya HD - no noticable flare
2) B+w (Alloy) - slightly flare on lower right
3) Hoya Pro1 - right slide flare
4) No Filter - left side flare
5) Hoya HMC - flare everywhere !

i don't have the brass type of b+w and Heliopan for comparison, anyone would be kind enough to send me one :) hahahaha


Hoya Pro1D vs HD vs HMC vs B+W (Alloy) vs No filter


Photoshoot with Rae

It was a rush one. I reached the place at 3pm, at that time Meng Suan was about to leave already. They already finished couple of sessions. Luckily the shoot turn out to be good. Here's the outdoor photos. Thanks Matt for the invite.





More to come later

Photoshoot with Min Hui

My wife is complaining that I did not take much of Min Hui's photos. Here's some of the latest

Getting ready

#2 - say cheese !
Say Cheese !

#3 - Deep thought
Deep thought

#4 - whose your daddy?
Whose your daddy ?

#5 - don't care what you are doing, i'm gonna try to chew this

#6 - the setup - DIY softbox 2"x 2.5" @ 1/2 power, mounted on tripod

Windows Live Messenger tweak on Windows Vista

Installed vista and still MSN is not working, now I really wonder wat happened. Google around and found this tweak

Try this:
- Click start
- Type: cmd
- Right-click cmd.exe when it appears under Applications
- Click Run As Administrator
- Type the following: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
- Press enter
- Restart your computer