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Tamron vs Sigma vs Canon

Tamron vs Sigma vs Canon

There shall be only 1 standing in the end (L-R) Tamron 17-50 f2.8 vs Sigma 24-70 f2.8 vs Canon 24-105 IS F4 L

The Tamron 17-50 f2.8
Sharpness: Sharp (4/5)
AF Speed: slow (3/5)
Low light AF: (5/5)
Usable range for event: (4/5)

Sigma 24-70 f2.8 DG Macro
Sharpness: Sharp (3/5)
AF Speed: slow (4/5)
Low light AF: (3/5)
Usable range for event: (3/5)

Canon 24-105 IS F4 L
Sharpness: Sharp (5/5)
AF Speed: slow (5/5)
Low light AF: (4/5)
Usable range for event: (5/5)

Stobe info: Nikon Sb80DX on cam right at 1/32 @ 24mm Canon 580 EX II on cam eTTL.

Photography umbrella for less than U$ 5 !

I found a cheap translucent at Ikea recently that looks very similar to the umbrella i have which is 'design for photography'. However, this one cost only U$4 while my 'design for photography' one costed U$18. With some mod which took me less than an hour, I have manage to transform it to be used on tripod.

#1 - Top is my U$18 'design for photography' umbrella. And below is the cheap U$4 umbrella

#2 - The size are similar, but you can see the left 'design for photography' has a more shinny surface
Almost the same size

#3 - The mod were simple, cut the top and enforce the bottom
Cut the top

#4 - I enforce the bottom by using a B4 pencil. The bottom shaft is starting to get out of shape after first mounted on the tripod
Pencil mod

#5 - Well the most important is the result. The cheap umbrella allows more light. That said, it produced a more harsh shadow. However, given 1/4 the price, I won't complain on that. I would conclude that I'm pretty happy with the result.
Click on the image to view full size

#6 - A comparison without umbrella with bare flash. Harsh shadow and colour abit washed out. I suppose I need to tune down 2-3 steps, which I didn't
bare flash without umbrella

I'm a Canon CPS member


Just got my Canon Professional Services (CPS) card from Canon recently. Applied it last week when i went over to Canon Malaysia at Peremba Square to service my 50mm f1.8. Among the benefits of this membership is as below:

- free access to VIP lounge
- 20% discount on services and free equipment consultations
- speedy service - without having to wait in a long queue
- fast return of your camera should it required repair in the shortest time possible

for more information please visit :

Photoshoot with Michelle

Nope this is not my wife Michelle. Had an impromptu photo shoot with her when visiting her during CNY at Dengkil. Proceed to Putrajaya as it's nearest to Dengkil. Here are the photos






Pre CNY at Midvalley

Had a TT (Teh Tarik) session with some LYN forumers last weekend at Midvalley. Just for your information, TT = gathering. There is some acrobatic and drum performances as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Below are some photos to share.

#1 - Deco at Midvalley

#2 - The drums

#3 - The drum performances

#4 - The drum performances

#5 - The drum performances


Back from HK

I was at Hong Kong last week. Was told by my colleague who just came back that it's 13-16c deg there. Well my wife thought it wasn't that cold, but I brought along 3 winter clothing. It hit's HK record low 10c on 9th Jan 09. My god, I can't imagine single digit. Basically, we shop, and shop and shop all the way :) Below are some photos

#1 - On the way there, sunrise
sun rise

#2 - Lobby of Metropark Causeway Bay. It's the first time we are staying at HK Island, I have stayed near Mongkok area for the last 2 trips
Lobby of Metropark Causeway Bay

#3 - Central, on my way to Stanley Street

#4 - The busy street of HK
City in Motion

#5 - Nice flower at Big Buddha
Flowers @ Big buddha



I miss my Canon G9 so much. I shot these once I got it back.


#2 - trying out low key


will be posting the setup later :)

WB, to adjust or not to adjust

A common outcome when shooting under different lighting is yellowish photo especially when hotel/halls uses tungsten light. A typical photo is as below

WB, to adjust or not to adjust by you.

Some camera allows shooting in RAW mode and with that you can easily adjust the WB parameters like below

Adjust WB in DPP


Well the big question that people always ask is do i need to adjust it? The common arguement is, the place is yellowish in colour. Well my reply is yes and no.

Yes, because I feel the above photo, the 2nd one look much better after adjusting.

No, because sometimes the plain one is too plain and you don't give the mood to the photo. Below is a sample of photo with purposely adjusted WB. Some post processing to enhance it.

WB, to adjust or not to adjust by you.

Photography is an art. There is no clear right or wrong in it.