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Geeta & Paul Wedding

Recently went to my ex-colleagues' wedding at an indian temple in SS2. It was really good. This is the first time i tested my fisheye lens too. The vegetarian mutton and chicken taste so nice and so real ! Below are some photos to share with you all

The Temple

Some decoration

Inside the temple

Paul on the left

The bride coming in

Bride's parents

Geeta, the bride

Happy face of the bride


Paul's father

Paul getting ready the necklace

Paul putting the necklace on for Geeta 

I believe Geeta is taking that thing which is put on the forehead

Geeta turns to put on the flower to Paul

Paul giving some gift to Geeta. I saw a DKNY fragrance there.

Paul feeding Geeta

some praying ceremony

Guests waiting to greet the newly wed couple. Kavitha and family on the bottom left hand side of the photo 

Some decoration there

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