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Hoong Kim & Wei Wei Wedding

Photos from my cousin's brother wedding. So many weddings this month. Another cousin brother is getting married next week

These were taken a night before the wedding where we normally have a bachelor's party

#1 - Preparing the car

#2 - My uncle, Hoong Kim's father with his grandson, Jun Hao

#3 - Wei Wei, the bridge, and her 'sisters'

On wedding day

#4 - Jun Sang getting ready 

#5 -  here they are

#6 - Jun Sang was abit reluctant to receive the ang pow

#7 - Stepping into the house

#8 -  Praying to the ancestor

#9 - Serving tea to the elderly is part of the chinese ceremony

#10 - Wei Wei's turn

#11 - In return, they will get ang pow from the elderly

#12 - The young one will get ang pow from the couple. Min hui flashes a quick smile when Wei Wei presents her with an ang pow. 

Will be showing the wedding dinner photos in another post

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