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  • Nicholas Leong

    5/7/2009 1:05:39 PM |

    Woah pic #3 con me into thinking that was the groom's hands Tong

    Oh, and do you mind updating your blogroll: Shutter Nick is now on Smile Thanks!

  • Brandon

    5/11/2009 6:19:28 PM |

    I think the WB a bit chao already

  • Vincent Pang

    5/12/2009 5:05:17 PM |

    Brandon: Cross processing was applied to give it a bluish feel. The normal processing was Sephia. Trying out something new.

  • vivimeow

    6/29/2009 11:05:30 AM |

    wow, nice wedding's photos you took.
    I like #3, the car and the background.

  • wedding gift list

    10/10/2009 5:22:03 PM |

    Which is the good dress for wedding?in picture all are in enjoying mood.

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    10/23/2009 9:40:51 PM |

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