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Product Shot

Quite a number of people have asked me how do i do my product shot. I'm sharing one of my setup with you guys. Couple of ways depending on my mood :) (cause sometimes i lazy to setup)

Yes, the setup is tedious. However, my lazyness will normally cause the drop in image quality. Took some tips from and below is yet another product shot i have tried.



#3 - The most difficult part to control the light will be a shiny surface which reflect lights like the pics below

The setup was rather simple, black paper (background) and a couple of cardboards (i have used envelope because i run out of cardboard) to bounce light


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  • iCalvyn

    2/16/2008 12:17:07 PM |

    Yeah, it is lighting problem, some time i shoot with direct flash, the background seen like become dark. (i mean any portrait picture) and it did not meet what i aspect.

    does external flash light help?

    like what you do the picture, bounce the flash light in the different direction instead of direct to the object

  • vincentpang

    2/18/2008 1:43:22 PM |

    External flash abit. But bouncing the light off will be a better option. There where all these 'umbrella' (diffuser) and softbox come into play.

  • iCalvyn

    2/21/2008 12:14:21 PM |

    i going to get 1 external flash soon, but the price still too expensive to me Frown

    Around 700-800, and another model is thousand over.

  • vincentpang

    2/22/2008 2:46:11 PM |

    icalvyn: it's a long term investment. Do get a good flash.

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