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Transfer to Photoshop on Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) does not work !

I got panic for a while when I cannot transfer to photoshop the photo i wanted to edit using the short cut Alt + P in DPP. I thought I pressed the wrong short cut, and thus i decided to do it the manual way by clicking on Tools -> Transfer to Photoshop. Deng it still fail !

I have been into this situation before, what I did was to make sure Photoshop is my default application to open *.TIF. After that it's all back to normal again. So I decided to blog it and so I'll had it permanently.

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  • Jason Tailor

    6/18/2009 11:37:29 PM |

    Good post, but have you thought about Transfer to Photoshop on Canon Digital Photo Professional before?

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  • Animal photos

    11/3/2009 4:50:21 PM |

    I do agree that Photoshop is a great resource, and a top-of-the-line camera isn’t necessary, but I still believe that a better camera takes better pictures, simple as that. Also, automatic cameras won’t allow you to adjust the shutter speed and aperture in order to take good low-light pictures and get the cool short-depth-of-field results produced by wide apertures.

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