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My new baby

Got myself a new Point and Shoot (PnS) recently. It is the Canon G9.

Well it's not the latest Canon G10 model. However, I have done some checking, and I don't found much difference and I like the button on this much more. The exposure dial on the left is kinda redundant in the G10, i prefer the G9.

My friends thought I'm crazy for getting a PnS when I already have DSLR. Here's a photo of my new baby.

My New Baby Canon G9


Sample photos taken by the Canon G9
Sample shots from Canon G9


Setup for Fruits

Here's the setup


The shot was taken in my bathroom as water is easily available. An old aquarium was used. 1x 580 EX II bare flash @ 1/4 power on the left at the aquarium. eBay remote trigger was used.

I have used the back of my diffuser (the black side) as background as it's resistant to water when it spilled. And finally a diffuser on the right.

The fruits were dropped on the middle slightly to the right. Reason being is because diffuse light is not as powerful as straight flash (left). So the left side is pretty much lighted, only the right side which need some attention.

And the result is at my previous post :) Hopefully this is useful for all.

Product Shot

Quite a number of people have asked me how do i do my product shot. I'm sharing one of my setup with you guys. Couple of ways depending on my mood :) (cause sometimes i lazy to setup)

Yes, the setup is tedious. However, my lazyness will normally cause the drop in image quality. Took some tips from and below is yet another product shot i have tried.



#3 - The most difficult part to control the light will be a shiny surface which reflect lights like the pics below

The setup was rather simple, black paper (background) and a couple of cardboards (i have used envelope because i run out of cardboard) to bounce light