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My new baby

Got myself a new Point and Shoot (PnS) recently. It is the Canon G9.

Well it's not the latest Canon G10 model. However, I have done some checking, and I don't found much difference and I like the button on this much more. The exposure dial on the left is kinda redundant in the G10, i prefer the G9.

My friends thought I'm crazy for getting a PnS when I already have DSLR. Here's a photo of my new baby.

My New Baby Canon G9


Sample photos taken by the Canon G9
Sample shots from Canon G9

What I like about the Canon G9 is the ability to mount the Canon SpeedLite. The above photo was taken with my 580 EX II mounted on the Canon G9.

My baby met the beast

more sample photos from the Canon G9. This is right out from my desk in my office.

Sample shots from Canon G9

some macro test shot. Click here to view large to appreciate.

Sample shots from Canon G9 by you.

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  • Nicholas Leong

    12/4/2008 4:35:50 PM |

    Lol well the G9 is lighter, smaller and easier to bring around than a DSLR. And under the right conditions, it performs just as well Smile

    I loved that lil fella, until I sold it Tong

  • gaTO

    12/7/2008 1:16:14 PM |

    Canon G9 is cool man. I've read reviews about it before I bought my dSLR. It's easier to bring around like just slotting it in a small bag compared to a dslr bag where you might need to bring extra lens, flash and etc. I guess I need to get a PnS soon.

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