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Adobe Photoshop Express (Beta)

Recently Adobe has launched a online photo gallery which allows user to upload 2GB of files. It has a friendly user interface (UI) and is pretty cool I would say.

However, some of the function missing are like

1) statistics on the picture (e.g. how many views). 
2) grab picture from flickr (currently only facebook, picasa and photobucket)
3) no forum for discussion
4) cannot leave comment on picture
5) slow

Below are some screen shoots of the website after I have created my account.

Main page
Click to view large

After sign in
Click to view large

Click to view large

My control panel
Click to view large

Some of the editing features
Click to view large

Browse others gallery
Click to view large

My gallery
Click to view large

You can view my gallery here 

Get your account now at

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