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Strobist or not strobist

These shots look very strobist style. But then it is not. It creates the mood of being in a windy place with nice blue sky, when it's actually in KL @ 38c. It's damn hot when we were doing the shoot. Have to stop a couple of times for the model to wipe her sweat.





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  • Nicholas Leong

    3/25/2009 2:04:41 PM |

    Oo once again, love the flare. No wonder she was sweating. Furry coat + hot sun = sweat galore Tong

  • faizzaki

    3/27/2009 12:47:12 AM |

    hey. nice strobe u got there. mind if I tag along ? hehe

  • Pang, Vincent

    3/27/2009 2:18:47 AM |

    Nicholas Leong: thanks

    faizzaki: anytime, just get a model and we can go photoshooting Smile

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